Celebrating milestones and marking important transitions in a meaningful way

People, families and organisations go through a lot of changes in their lifetime. Marking and celebrating those transitions together is a powerful way to (re-)connect, to look back, be grateful, let go and move on, to gather energy and vitalise resources for what is to come.

I co-create and facilitate celebrations, ceremonies and rituals that are fun and meaningful, creating a special and safe space where participants can be present and involved in their own unique way. 

What makes a celebration meaningful?

There are many ways to celebrate. Having a drink together or sharing a meal for example are ceremonies in themselves, and this can be totally meaningful in many contexts.

Sometimes there is a call for something else though: maybe not everybody in the team enjoys receptions and dinners. Maybe it’s time to change a worn-out tradition, to enrich a celebration with content and connection. Or the other way around: maybe the annual evaluation gathering needs some ceremony to lighten things up.

In other words: the answer to what is meaningful will be different every time. It emerges in the conversation I have with the people I co-create the celebration with.

Stien Michiels and Willem Stortelder turned out to be the most wonderful Ceremony Hosts, guiding us through this special moment.

Linda - about a Ceremony I co-hosted

You put us on a wonderful cloud and we didn’t get off anymore until the next day.

K & J - after a ceremony I guided for them

When and Why?

  • You want to celebrate a succes, a milestone, a year of great work
  • You want to thank your colleagues, employees, leaders
  • Your Family / Your organisation finds itself at an important moment in time and you want to create a special moment for a group of people
  • You want to make a certain meeting, gathering or event more meaningful
  • You want to involve participants in (creating) a celebration or a special event
  • Anything else you want to discuss? Let’s talk about it, it’s free of charge.
My approach: what can you expect from me?


We work together to create a beautiful and meaningful celebration.

Fun & Depth

Fun and lightness, meaning and and depth go hand in hand.


I attended many ceremonies and guided several, I follow workshops and I have over a decade of facilitating experience.


I feel at home in all contexts, be it family or organisational, and I adapt my interventions accordingly.


I speak Flemish/Dutch, English and French fluently and I stand my ground in German. I can combine languages easily.

Creativity and Artistry

As an artist and a poetic and audiovisual harvester, I have several tools to my disposal to intensify the experience of my interventions and/or to (co-)create an artistic object in words or images, recording the visible and the invisible.

Follow up Care

Besides what I do on the spot, I can work on a second wave of artistic harvesting after the event or workshop, by creating beautiful pdf files and audiovisuals, combining images with words.

A little bit of Magic

Not everything can be explained in words …

Linda Corstjens

Linda Corstjens

Linda Corstjens is: life artist, inspirator, writer, living with the seasons, teacher, student, open, positive, present, traveler, pure, woman, thoughtful, honest, connector, communicator, listener, mother www.lindacorstjens.com

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Kristin Verellen

Kristin Verellen

Kristin Verellen Kristin Verellen – Peel The Onion founder - is coach, trainer, consultant, proces facilitator, systemic constellator and psychotherapist with hands-on business and leadership experience. Her passion is the systemic development…

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Karen Van Heuckelom

Karen Van Heuckelom

Ik voel me aangetrokken tot verandering. Misschien is het omdat ik al 16 keer verhuisd ben. Omdat ik in verschillende streken en op diverse plaatsen gewoond heb. Omdat ik vaak…

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