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This is your time… a new song

In August I treated myself to a songwriting retreat with Luke Concannon and John Parker from the UK band Nizlopi, famous for the wonderful JCB song, a number one hit for weeks and the guys Ed Sheeran calls his mentors. Boy, was I right to do so. A life changing few days, to say the least. A blog writer who also participated, Laura Graham, wrote the most wonderful article about it. She read it out loud at the end of the weekend and moved me to tears. So good to see different kinds of artistic harvesting happening everywhere!

So did I write a song? Yes I did.

I wrote it in approximately 1.5 hours, and recorded it just before leaving with the support of the unequalled multi-instrumentalist James Chatfield (check him out), and the one and only Mr. John Parker himself. The ever supportive Kieron Concannon filmed it for us. I consider myself blessed.

A little vulnerable, what I am going to share here. The song can use some editing, my voice isn’t in the place where I know it can be. But what the heck, perfection is so overrated 🙂 And maybe, just maybe, it helps you to imagine how (my) art can be of service to you and the people you are working with.





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