The Riverkeeper -
Working on healthy relations
in teams and organisations


Culture(s) and relationships in organisations can be complex and challenging or confusing at the least. Working on cultural and relational issues is key to successful projects, pleasant working environments and impactful change. 

I  facilitate interventions in teams and organisations in the areas of collaboration and communication, conflict, leadership and change, I coach teams and I build capacity by training both collaborators and leaders. I always look for ways to combine interventions and learning.


You did an amazing job, thanks a lot and I´ll recommend you to many people!

Armin Herdegen

Stien has lots of experience in hosting and facilitating processes, with groups small and big. I love to work with her because her skills of noticing what the client needs and because of her attention to preparation and good relationships.

Ria Baeck, steward of the Art of Hosting Belgium

Your ability to communicate, to actively listen and use effective questioning technique, allowed you to create a healthy interaction among the participants and effectively convey ideas and messages to them. You were able to hear not just the words, but also the actual thoughts or the message behind them, and respond appropriately. It also created the motivation and empowerment within the group members to bring out the best in them.  With your friendly and honest disposition you were able to convey a good sense of empathy for those participants who needed to be understood, and yet it was clear that you possessed the determination in seeing that the task was accomplished and the objectives achieved. I very much enjoyed the whole process of working with you.

Daniel Kropf, Chair of The Learning for Well-being Consortium in Europe

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Emmanuel Smets, participant Leadership Programme

I want to thank you personally. This project for me was a considerable enrichment both on a personal and on a professional level. I want to quote again the words I used in my presentation: ‘Leadership implies removing obstacles, clearing the path and creating an environment in which people can perform at their peak and really be the best they can be’, and this is exactly what you did for me during this leadership course.

Els De Roo, Senior kredietanalist bij Belfius Bank en Verzekeringen

Stien stands for a sincere, pure, professional and caring way of coaching and facilitating. Sincere in that she stands with her values, because that way she knows she can deliver real value as a coach and facilitator. Professional in that she knows her business, well-informed, well-taught and experienced as she is in multiple fields. Pure in the sense that what you see is what you get. Stien is a woman of her word, a coach and facilitator you can count on. She’s caring in that she shows great care for every one involved in the act of coaching and facilitating. Stien taught me for example how even difficult issues can be dealt with with great care and appreciation for clients and participators.

Hannes Couvreur, Local Wisdom Cultivator, Coach, Trainer

Thank you very much Stien. You were precious.

Daniela Terille

Allerbeste Stien, grote dank voor je inzet gisteren! Voelt zeer goed allemaal en ook de uitkomst opent nieuwe perspectieven voor onze werking.

Dirk Sturtewagen

In het geheel is vertrouwen een erg belangrijk sleutelbegrip geworden. Onze collega’s moesten open en eerlijk hun verhaal in een veilige omgeving kwijt kunnen. Stien is hierbij heel belangrijk geweest, als persoon en als deskundige. Als persoon om met name die veilige omgeving te creëren en als deskundige om de antwoorden, het gesprek te bundelen tot één verhaal dat van ons is.

Frank van de Leur, Hoofd ICT

Stien is an excellent professional who has the capacities and capabilities as facilitator to create an environment where even the most complicated work is made easier for the participants to both understand and perform! She is dedicated and passionate about her work and helps in a natural way people to unveil their qualities and strengths. I am grateful to her for introducing me into the Art of Participating Leadership!

Maria Korda, project adviser

What are issues I can help you with?

  • Help us to rebuild trust and connection
  • People resist change
  • We want to build more leadership capacity
  • Motivation is low
  • We need to work on more well being at work
  • The atmosphere at work is not optimal
  • There are conflicts between certain people that block collaboration
  • Meetings are not going well, there is a lack of participation
  • We do not communicate well
  • We work in silo’s, we are like islands in the sea
  • We don’t know what to do when there is a conflict
  • There are many different voices and contradictory opinions on a matter that needs to change
  • We need people to trust themselves more and become their own leaders
  • We need people/teams to work on presence, presentation skills, storytelling
  • What is your question or challenge? Let’s talk about it, it’s free of charge.

Who are the people I work with in organisations?

I work with people of very different sectors and on every ‘level’: managers, collaborators and executives, and other relevant stakeholders. Whenever it is possible and useful, I will help organisations to break unhelpful barriers and silo’s, so that they can go and find the opportunities hidden beyond hierarchies and categories.

Why ‘The Riverkeeper?’

The Riverkeeper or Waterkeeper concept dates to a 19th-century English tradition. Riverkeepers guarded private streams, assuring that the waters remained healthy, well stocked and free of poachers. As a facilitator, host and trainer, I have set the intention to support living systems to be as open, clear and healthy as they can.

What do I mean by healthy?

Healthy does not mean ‘happy and harmonious ever after’. It means being able to deal with the ups and downs of people and situations, to work together respectfully, to handle conflicts when they arise, to tap into the wisdom of the collective and the undercurrent, to learn from both success and failure and to work for the benefit of the whole system.

Read more about some of the interventions I facilitated on my blog.

Areas of Expertise
3D Concentric Circles

Collaboration and Communication

  • self-organising teams
  • feedback and I-messages
  • co-creative meetings
  • improving relationships between managers and their teams
  • creating a better working environment
  • from finger-pointing to ownership
  • presence and presentation skills
  • storytelling


  • (mis)use of power
  • building leadership capacity (self-leadership, participatory leadership, facilitative leadership)
  • motivation
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  • lack of trust and connection in or between teams
  • (old) conflicts that block collaboration
  • taboos, seemingly unresolvable polarities
  • building the capacity to handle conflict and to communicate respectfully


  • resistance to change – the role of management
  • working on a common story
  • preparing the ground for change, building trust
  • marking / celebrating a transition
My approach : what can you expect from me?

An honest assesment

My first concern is defining the core question. What is really at stake? Who needs to be involved from the very start? Are we the right persons to do this work?

Focus and Impact

I am result oriented. Not because I work towards pre-planned results and fixed goals, but because I will stay with the process until real transformation has taken place.

Tackling real issues

Learning and tackling real challenges in organisations can be combined in powerful ways. I will always look for opportunities to do so, thereby increasing impact.

In a Participatory Way

All my  interventions are a co-creative, participatory processes. From beginning till end I will look for effective ways to hear all voices and tap into the collective wisdom.

Working with the Undercurrent

I create the conditions for people to bravely ask the question behind the question, to have those long due conversations , to surface the wisdom of the minority.

Using Polarity as a Force

Many people get stuck in polarity, but in reality it is a great source of power, energy and wisdom. Releasing and harvesting that power is part of what I do.

Thinking in Systems

A river is not a vacuum. It is a system that is part of a system and connects with other systems. I look at organisations in the same way – hence the Riverkeeper.


For me this means walking my talk, being respectful, direct, effective and transparent, and continuous evolving and learning in my area of expertise.

Creativity and Artistry

As an artist and a poetic and audiovisual harvester, I have several tools to my disposal to intensify the experience of my interventions and/or to (co-)create an artistic object in words or images, recording the visible and the invisible outcome.

Speaking 4 languages

I facilitate fluently in Flemish/Dutch, French and English, and I stand my ground in German. I can also easily combine two languages.

A broad network of professionals

When I need the complementary skills of a colleague, when I don’t have the time or when I simply think somebody else is better suited than me to do the work, I have a broad network of professionals that I can recommend.

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