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All we can be – a musical harvest

aka Gopa’s Soup and Salad Song

music and lyrics written by Stien Michiels, during an AoPL training @ Gopa Com., based on words and contributions of the participants, 11/01/2019 – filmed by Linda Joy Mitchell

There was no time for rehearsal, thanks for accepting all the bloopers 🙂

To be the best “How” we can be
We need a heart that’s on fire
A brain that is clear
About our common desire

We need our ears and eyes to open
to welcome the new
And a shoulder to carry
each other through

I will trust you
Will you trust me

It’s the only way to talk
and find the questions that will help
to set us free
I will trust you
Will you trust me

It’s the only way to walk
into a future that can hold
all we can be

To the best “How” we can be
We need to listen with care
appreciate and share
all the good things we have done.

We take our expertise and tools
and our milestones in our hand
Hear the wind of passion blow
We set sail to client land


Of course there will be days when the chamos prevails
And order retreats into control
Just remember to be brave
and get your head out of your mails
find some vegetables, and some fruits 
to cook a bowl!


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