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Is there an important event coming up in your life and / or in the life of your loved one? A birth, a marriage, a birthday, a pension, an opening ...? Or has something happened that requires standing still together? A loss, a goodbye?

Do you need a text or song tailored to the occasion? Or do you want to mark this special moment with a ceremony, a ritual moment with family, friends, acquaintances and / or colleagues? Meaningful but also accessible so that everyone feels at ease?

In other words: not just any ceremony, but something unique, something that makes people say afterwards: "So beautiful, so sincere, so completely you, so completely you."

Maybe you already have some ideas, but are you still looking for someone who turns all puzzle pieces into an inspiring whole and leads the ceremony.

I guide ceremonies with all my heart. I see it as moments when we as a community take the time to share something valuable with each other. Something that is not tangible, but that we need so much.

Love. Wisdom. Humour. Spirit.

That will only succeed if the ceremony is fully in line with the unique story of those the ceremony is about. Therefore, every ceremony is by definition different.

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We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.

Thomas Mertontheologist, poet, author & social activist

Waaw, so beautiful !! I have just read the poems very quickly and I was already moved to tears. We are going to look at this more thourougly this weekend of course, but I would like to say a big thank you for voicing it all so beautifully. This is really our Amélie.

Gelegenheidstekst Lentefeest

Thanks to Stien, our wedding day was truly an unforgettable one. The ceremony was really perfect. From our introductory talk to the ceremony itself, you really noticed that she gave herself completely for this event. Everything was always prepared and she often asked for feedback so that everything was really as we had dreamed it. The ceremony was very intimate, Stien had coordinated all the texts nicely with the "speeches" of family and friends, making it one very nice and personal whole. A big thank you for this Stien! We really enjoyed your presence and energy!

Wedding Ceremony

Stien's approach is at the same time gentle and concrete, personal and professional. In designing our wedding ritual, she listened openly and empathically to our ideas and desires. Then she translated it into a moving and profound form. Also on the day of the ritual itself, Stien was completely present and attuned. She lovingly spoke everything together and subtly managed the whole thing in beautiful ways. In this way she created a bed in which everyone felt welcome and relaxed. The end result felt completely "ours" and became a collective experience to remember.

Wedding Ceremony

I designed most of the of the ceremony myself, using ingredients from different kinds of ceremonies we liked and felt connected to. During the whole process of designing, Stien and Willem were there to listen to me while my ideas took shape and to ask me the right questions exactly when i needed it.

Baby ceremony

Never to forget, everything you have done for us - so valuable.



A good start

My first concern is to discuss your question. How do you see this ceremony? How can I contribute? Am I the right person in the right place?

Focussed Presence

I am 100 percent present. With head, heart and hands. Before, during and afterwards to ensure a good follow-up.

Original content

In a participatory way

We work together on the ceremony and I like to find ways to involve invitees, during the preparation and during the ceremony itself. The key word is connection.

At ease with groups

I speak with ease for a group, small or large, it doesn't matter.

A meaningful whole

I make sure that all interventions in the ceremony fit into a meaningful whole.

The right tone

Playing is a skill we all too often forget. I will always be sincere. I may not always be serious. Laughter is a good sign: it means that we have released something, encountered something else, stepped out of our comfort zone. So: fun guaranteed!

Speaking 4 languages

I write and speak fluently in Flemish/Dutch, French and English. I can also easily combine languages. I do not guide ceremonies in German, but I do speak it and can therefore involve any German-speaking guests.


For me this means walking the talk, being respectful, direct, effective and transparent, and continuously evolving and learning in my field.

A broad network

If I need a colleague's complementary skills, if I don't have the time, or if I just think someone else is better suited than me to do the job, I have a wide network of professionals that I can recommend.


I make sure that the result is ultimately what you desire. If you want, I will send you the binding texts in advance so that we can fine-tune them together.

A little bit of magic

Not everything can be explained in words...

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